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Synopsis: Pembe ya Ndovu travels through the heart of Africa, in a journey to uncover the serious threats to African wildlife and biodiversity, especially the elephant population.

Filmed in full HD, spectacular sequences of elephants, rhinos, gorillas and okapis in their natural habitats contrast with disturbing footage of markets selling illegal wildlife products, such as ivory, rhino-horn and bushmeat.

More than 100,000 elephants were slaughtered across the continent of Africa in the last few years for their ivory, with over 70% of this illegal ivory destined for China. The U.S. is the second biggest importer of ivory. The film travels to Asia to document the illegal ivory trade in Bangkok and high-end markets in Hong Kong. As China’s economy grows, it is becoming more reliant upon a variety of African resources.

Tusk dramatically shows the high cost of the ivory trade: the slaughter of whole elephant families, the endangerment of an entire species, and the murder of rangers and officers who try to protect them. Elephant slaughter has reached new heights, with criminal
syndicates now moving in to poach Africa’s last great herds of elephants.

The film features some of the courageous rangers and others who are seeking to protect African wildlife, including Chinese conservationist Laurel Chor, who goes undercover to expose an illegal wildlife market, and world famous scientist Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, who campaigns against the ivory trade
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